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Watch: 'Shadow Figures' Caught on Film?

By Tim Binnall

A peculiar piece of footage from a ghost hunting group in England appears to show a pair of shadow people lurking in an old theater. The eerie video was reportedly captured by the organization Ghosted UK during an event last month at the St. Georges Theatre in Norfolk. According to the group, the gathering was a "paranormal charity event" in which ten people participated in a ghost investigation with the organization.

As part of the event, the group set up a pair of cameras in the building to see if they could capture any odd activity. When they later checked the footage, they were amazed to see that, at one point in the film, a pair of puzzling dark forms can be seen moving quickly across a doorway in the background. While skeptics may say that the 'apparitions' are merely reflections of people participating in the ghost hunt, the group contends that there was actually nobody in the area when the anomalies appeared.

What's your take on the odd footage from the old theater? Is it a genuine ghost caught on film or merely much ado about nothing? Share your thoughts at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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