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Watch: Shark Bites Woman and Won't Let Go!

Just in time for the start of summer, a strange shark attack in Florida is making news after one of the notorious denizens of the deep bit an unlucky swimmer and wouldn't let go!

The 23-year-old woman was enjoying a visit to the beach in Boca Raton when a two-foot long nurse shark suddenly latched onto her arm.

In a scene which likely horrified onlookers, the woman came out of the ocean with the rather lengthy creature dangling from her forearm.

Paramedics were forced to transport the woman and her unwanted aquatic appendage to a nearby hospital to remove the stubborn shark.

"I have never seen anything like it," one rescue worker marveled to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, "never even heard of anything like this."

Animal experts say that nurse sharks rarely attack humans and, therefore, suggest that this particular incident was probably caused by swimmers antagonizing the animal.

That may indeed be the case as one precocious tween admitted to the newspaper that people in the water had been pulling the shark by its tail.

So perhaps the nurse shark grew tired of being a target for swimmers' amusement and gave one of its tormentors a taste of their own medicine by biting the young woman's arm.

Said to be recovering from the attack at the hospital, there's no word yet on whether the young woman got the last laugh by dining that night on shark fin soup.

Source: South Florida Sun Sentinel

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