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Watch: 'Starman' Filmed from Earth

An astrophotographer in California has managed to capture remarkable footage of the already-legendary Starman-helmed Tesla Roadster coasting through space.

A specialist at spotting deep space objects, Rogelio Bernal Andreo quickly set about finding the car that captivated the world earlier this month when it was sent into the cosmos by SpaceX.

After an initial error in calculations left his proverbial canvas blank, Andreo subsequently cracked the code the next night and was rewarded with an amazing view.

Video of the sighting shows the now-iconic car can be seen zipping among the fixed stars in the sky at a whopping distance of around 500,000 miles from the Earth.

And while one may not be able to discern Starman or any of the details from the car, perhaps the footage can put to rest the notion, for some, that the entire SpaceX launch was an elaborate hoax.

Source: Daily Mail

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