Watch: Strange Creature Spotted Swimming in English River?

By Tim Binnall

An odd piece of footage out of England seemingly shows some kind of sea serpent swimming in the famed River Tyne. Kevin Burton was enjoying his morning coffee on a pier in the town of Tynemouth in early August when he spotted the mysterious creature. Puzzled by what he was watching in the water, the curious witness fortunately managed to capture some footage of the perplexing scene and posted it to YouTube, joking that perhaps he'd had the first sighting of the Loch Ness Monster outside of Scotland.

Burton's video features a long, dark object emerging from the water and then dipping below the surface with only a small portion of the anomaly visible. It then appears to briefly resurface and swim along the river before finally vanishing for good. The footage is made somewhat remarkable by the fact that it provides a fairly clear glimpse of the anomaly for a rather long period of time.

Despite those promising characteristics, the video has proven to be difficult to decipher when it comes to determining what the potential creature may have been. A marine biologist consulted by a local newspaper opined that it could be a conger eel, which he described as an "exciting" possibility, or, conversely, it could simply be a piece of kelp that was being propelled by the current to look like an animal in the water. What's your theory on the nature of the anomaly filmed by Burton? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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