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Watch: Strange Key-Shaped UFO Spotted in Massachusetts

By Tim Binnall

A weird video filmed in Massachusetts shows a strange key-shaped UFO that left witnesses convinced they were seeing something alien in the sky. The curious sighting occurred earlier this month in Plymouth County as two young men were walking along a soccer field. Their excursion came to an abrupt halt when they noticed a dark oddity flying above them.

According to the witness, "the object flew parallel to our heads" and was approximately 300 feet away from them. Although the anomaly appeared to be around the size of a helicopter, the two observers could not figure out what it was and, as such, began filming the weird scene. "By the time I got my phone out," recalled the witness, "the object had already begun accelerating away from us."

He went on to explain that "while it may appear to be hovering in the video, it is actually traveling forward at a great deal of speed." The witness also noted that "craft came close enough to us that I could distinguish only two things. One, that there was no visible human navigating the device, and two, that I have never seen anything like this before." To that second point, the man stressed that he is familiar with drones and other aircraft which could seemingly explain what he had witnessed.

When the footage of the sighting is stabilized towards the end of the video above, one can see that the object appears to consist of a circular top with a long extension coming out from the bottom of that oval, creating a shape somewhat reminiscent of a key. As for what it could have been, skeptics will likely argue that the anomaly is probably just a runaway balloon or perhaps some other prosaic flying object. That said, the witnesses seemed to have a different interpretation as, during the sighting, one of the observers can be heard declaring, "that is not of this world." What's your take on the odd footage? Share your theory with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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