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Watch: Strange Rumble Rocks Indian Village

By Tim Binnall

Residents of a village in India were literally shaken when a man digging a well inadvertently unleashed an enormous rumble which rocked the community for an hour. The weird incident reportedly took place in the community of Mahakalapada last week as Shyam Sundar Bhol was attempting to create a borewell in his backyard. The project took a wild turn when the pole being used to locate water reached 1,000 feet underground.

It was at that point that the area began shaking in a violent fashion while boiling hot water and mud shot out of the ground. Incredibly, observers say that the eerie undulating and uncomfortable 'rainfall' lasted for an hour until the rumbling finally subsided and Bhol was left with a small water-filled hole in his backyard.

While the event was likely a natural occurrence, residents say that similar water-gathering projects in the village over the years did not produce such a strange outcome. As such, some people suspected that there was a supernatural cause for the commotion and promptly left the village out of fear of encountering the angry spirits believed to be behind the rumbling.

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