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Watch: Strange 'Sea Creature' Filmed in Alaska

A perplexing piece of footage purportedly captured by tourists visiting Alaska has left viewers baffled and wondering if it could be a sea creature of some kind.

The video begins with the tourists marveling at a glacier collapsing in front of them and then they seem to notice a series of unexplained dark objects protruding from the water nearby.

An additional three 'humps' pop up a few feet away from the first group of objects, suggesting that the entire collection is part of one larger body.

However, what may lie beneath the surface is open to speculation with some imagining fantastic possibility like a dragon and others theorizing that it is probably a native creature being mistaken for something 'out of this world.'

And, as can be expected, more cynical observers argue that the video is outright fake.

Unfortunately, aside from the alleged backstory, little else is known about the footage, including when it was taken or where in Alaska the incident happened.

Coming so soon after a more robust 'creature' sighting in Alaska made headlines around the world, the chances that this could be a clever hoax designed to capitalize on that story cannot be discounted.

Nonetheless, check out the intriguing video and let us know what you think may be behind the humps at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Daily Star

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