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Watch: Tasmanian Tiger Caught on Film?

An enigmatic snippet of footage from Australia may have captured the legendary Tasmanian tiger alive and well nearly 80 years after it was declared extinct.

The distinctly-striped creature, known scientifically as the thylacine, was believed to have died out in 1936 when the last known Tasmanian tiger passed away in captivity.

In the subsequent decades since then, numerous witnesses in various parts of Australia have reported sighting the dog-like animal, although such encounters could never be definitively proven.

As such, the Tasmanian tiger has occupied a unique place in the realm of cryptozoology as neither an unknown species nor an out-of-place animal, but rather as a creature which simply should no longer exist, but seemingly keeps getting seen without being captured or confirmed.

However new footage from an organization known as the Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia may provide a tantalizing glimpse of the creature in an area of the country known as Adelaide Hills.

In the video which was captured via a witnesses' cell phone, a mysterious creature can be briefly seen walking outside of a house.

Neil Waters, who founded the research group, contends that the animal in the video is the elusive thylacine and points to a number of details which he believes confirms that conclusion.

According to Waters, the creature's fur coloring, stiff tail, and broad connection between the tail and body are all clues suggesting that it is a Tasmanian tiger.

While this may well be wishful thinking on the part of Water and his fellow thylacine enthusiasts, he says that five people also spotted the animal and described something akin to the Tasmanian tiger.

The video, itself, was filmed back in February and was released this week in honor of the 80th anniversary of the thylacine being deemed extinct on September 7, 1936.

In light of the ambiguous nature of the footage, it is unlikely to convince skeptics who insist the animal is truly extinct, but it should provide renewed hope for those who believe that the thylacine is still at large.

Check out the video above and let us know on our Facebook page what you think of the footage.

Source: Daily Mail

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