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Watch: 'Teleporting' Tot Spotted During TV News Segment

By Tim Binnall

A strange moment during a BBC News segment had television viewers in England doing a double take as it appeared as if a child teleported into the picture out of thin air. The weirdness reportedly took place during a broadcast on Wednesday in which people on the street mused about the latest political turmoil gripping the country. The otherwise run-of-the-mill series of interviews ended with something of a science fiction twist when, as a woman finished her thoughts on embattled prime minister Theresa May, a child seemingly popped up behind her.

The puzzling sight would have probably gone unnoticed if not for an eagle-eyed viewer who spotted it and subsequently shared the clip on Twitter, asking "does anyone else see the child teleport?" The odd video quickly went viral on social media with numerous people joking that the sudden appearance of the youngster behind the woman was some kind of "glitch in the matrix." This gave way to fantastic and jestful theories the child was a time traveler or some kind of other supernatural being.

Unfortunately, it's a safe bet that the segment did not inadvertently capture a child teleporting into present day England from some other time and space. A closer examination of the video, specifically of the reflections in the windows behind the woman, indicate that the perplexing arrival of the youngster was the caused by two pieces of the interview being spliced together and, apparently, no one noticing the odd 'teleportation' taking place.

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