Watch: Testy Turtle Torments Eagle

An eagle perched near a damn at South Africa's Kruger National Park found itself the target of a pugnacious turtle looking for a fight.

In video of the somewhat epic showdown, the much larger bird first notices the diminutive creature coming towards it and gingerly steps aside to give the little guy some space.

But the rambunctious reptile apparently wanted a confrontation as it approaches the eagle and they engage in a strange stare down.

While we will likely never know what 'words' were exchanged, they evidently did not quell the rage festering inside the tiny turtle.

As the bird turns away, the shell-clad creature slowly charges at the eagle and nips at its feet.

Although the eagle skips away from the aggressive reptile, its attack is relentless, albeit slow, and the scene continues until the bird has finally had enough and flies away.

Consider it a victory for underdogs everywhere and proof that heart can sometimes be more important than size when it comes to a fight.

Source: YouTube

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