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Watch: 'Time Traveler' Reveals Plant from the Future

By Tim Binnall

The parade of purported whistleblowing time travelers added yet another character to this mix this week when a woman emerged with claims of journeying to the year 6000 and bringing a plant back with her. As has been custom all year, the odd video popped up on the ApexTV YouTube channel, which has seemingly cornered the market when it comes to showcasing these strange tales of advanced technology and fantastic accounts of the distant future. And, per usual, the footage follows the pattern of obscuring the alleged time traveler's face and filming from a non-descript 'undisclosed location.'

Although this installment follows the template of time traveler videos, this particular piece of footage attempts to up the ante when it comes to providing 'proof' of the individual's claim. At the center of the story is a woman named Chloe who says that she hails from Finland. According to her, she was enlisted by the country's National Science Laboratory back in 1965 and observed a number of astounding secret inventions like an artificial hand which connected to the user's hand.

One of those clandestine projects, as you may have surmised by now, was a time machine. As 'luck' would have it, Chloe happened to be the assistant to the scientist who ran the project and, therefore, she was able to gain insights into how the future will unfold. Perhaps the most tantalizing detail revealed by Chloe is that scientists manage to revive dinosaurs in the year 4529 and the monstrous creatures are kept in zoos until people concluded that they were not dangerous, so they released them into jungles and other parts of the planet.

Regarding her own time travel experience, Chloe says that she was asked to embark on her own mission in 1966 in which she was sent to the year 6000. Her memories of the visit to the future included flying cars, massive skyscrapers, and strange plants that once thrived in the time of the dinosaurs. To that end, Chloe's video culminates, at around 12 minutes into the footage, with her unveiling one such piece of greenery that she pocketed before returning to the past.

All told, the veracity of the video is in keeping with its predecessors in that it's questionable at best. That said, for those who enjoy a good yarn about time travel, it's fairly entertaining and it also raises the proverbial bar when it comes to these individuals showing some kind of evidence of their exploits. Having seen a lie detector test, an ambiguous photo, and now a plant, we can only wonder what kind of twist the next time traveler will use to try and convince us that they're telling the truth.


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