Watch: Toddlers Filmed Talking to Ghost?

By Tim Binnall

A spooky piece of footage captured by a baby monitor at a house in Georgia appears to show a set of triplets talking to an unseen entity. The unsettling scene reportedly unfolded late last month in the home of Caitlin Nichols, who became concerned when she heard her three two-year-old daughters causing something of a ruckus in their bedroom. Checking their baby monitor to see what might be wrong, the mom was taken aback upon seeing the tots seemingly talking to someone.

In the hair-raising video, the kids are captivated by a blank wall beside one of their beds and keep pointing at it as if there is something there. During the fairly long 'conversation,' one of the youngsters waves her fist at the unseen visitor and bellows "in your face." Later the triplets cower behind a corner in what appears to be an attempt to hide from whatever it is that had come into their room. Eventually, they muster up the bravery to venture out from the spot and continue talking to the wall.

Chillingly, Nichols indicated that this is not the first time that her daughters have claimed to be visited in their bedroom as they previously told her that there was a 'monster' that lurked in the very spot on the wall that had captured their attention on the night in question. While the mom said that there have not been any additional incidents since the strange scene was filmed, it's also only been a few weeks, so she may want to knock on wood until a little more time has passed.

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