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Watch: Tourist Steals Dolphin from Chinese Beach

A bizarre video from China has raised the ire of authorities as it shows a man strolling down a beach with a dolphin over his shoulder.

Police are currently trying to track down the individual who was caught on film brazenly stealing the creature that had become beached on Hailing Island.

Witnesses say that the dolphin was either dead or dying when the man picked up the unfortunate animal and, rather than try to help the creature, casually carried it away from the beach.

Incredibly, he then tossed the dolphin into trunk of his car and fled the area with, one assumes, bad intentions for what he planned to do with the stolen animal.

Video of the stunning scene was captured by a bewildered beachgoer and subsequently went viral on Chinese social media, prompting an angry response from wildlife officials.

Noting that dolphins, either dead or alive, are a protected species in China, authorities are now trying to track down the tourist and promise that he will be punished for his audacious act.

Source: South China Morning Post

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