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Watch: Tourists Get Caught in Middle of Frightening Elephant Stampede

By Tim Binnall

A heart-stopping video from South Africa shows a party of tourists caught in the middle of a terrifying elephant stampede. The harrowing incident occurred at the Kruger National Park a few weeks ago as the group was out on a game drive. The peaceful nature of their drive was soon shattered when the party spotted a rather sizeable herd of elephants making their way through some tall grass.

With their jeep stopped to take in the amazing sight, the party witnessed a veritable parade of pachyderms pass in front of their vehicle. Trailing the collection of creatures was one particularly ornery elephant, who seemed to take issue with the tour party's presence. It was at that point that things took a rather frightening turn as the mighty creature emerged from the trees nearby and charged towards the group with a menacing shriek.

Although the tourists reacted to the elephant with laughter, it was clearly of the nervous variety as one member of the party quickly asked "can we go?" Unfortunately for them, the tour guide explained that they were essentially stuck there until the tense situation subsided. For the next two minutes, the party watched as a number of massive elephants rushed the vehicle and got increasingly closer to the group. All the while, the tour guide kept trying to maintain a level of calm in the jeep, telling the passengers to "just be quiet. Relax."

Fortunately, the group was ultimately able to start their vehicle and exit the situation unscathed. They later realized that the reason why the encounter had been so unsettling is that the party had mistakenly stopped their jeep right in the middle of the stampede. This apparently drew the ire of the older creatures, since their pack included a number of younger elephants who were coming along at the back end of the wave of animals.


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