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Watch: Train Smashes Fed Ex Truck

A jaw-dropping piece of footage, courtesy of a police dashcam in Utah, shows a passenger train slamming into and destroying the back end of a Fed Ex truck.

In an incredible stroke of luck, the driver of the truck had pulled far enough along the tracks that the cab of the vehicle escaped unscathed and, fortunately, none of the passengers aboard the train were injured either.

Authorities believe that the accident occurred due to snowy conditions causing a malfunction in the crossing gates at the track.

For reasons yet to be determined, the gate had previously gone into a default safety mode that renders the road impassable.

Eerily, they remained that way for nearly fifteen minutes before workers arrived and the gate went up which allowed for the monstrous collision to take place only seconds later.

The strange timing of it all makes one wonder if it was orchestrated by a divine hand that sought to intervene in what would have otherwise been a disaster.

Source: ABC News


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