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Watch: Triangular UFO Spotted in Apollo 8 Photo?

UFO enthusiasts studying Apollo images for anomalies have spotted a massive triangular object seemingly hovering over the moon in an old lunar mission photograph.

The photo in question comes from the Apollo 8 mission and was only recently discovered by researchers.

What makes it particularly intriguing is that the triangular object does not appear in images taken before or after the perplexing photo.

Although skeptics suggest that the 'object' is the result of photographic error, UFO advocates argue that such an explanation is unlikely since the lunar missions used film to take their photos, making such mistakes unlikely.

The discovery is reminiscent of an unidentified object that was found in an Apollo 12 photograph earlier this year by diligent UFO seekers studying the classic materials.

Is the newfound object a UFO that may have slipped past NASA censors or merely a misidentification of something more mundane? Tell us what you think at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Daily Mail


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