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Watch: Trio of Ghosts Filmed at Notoriously Haunted Plantation?

By Tim Binnall

A couple visiting a notoriously haunted plantation in Louisiana believe that they captured footage of three ghosts that presumably reside on the property. The eerie incident reportedly occurred as Brandon and Taryn Hunt were spending the weekend at The Myrtles Plantation, which boasts such a reputation for spirit sightings that it has been called one of America's most haunted sites. According to the couple, their stay got off to a spooky start when they ran into an unsettled individual leaving the plantation who insisted that they'd photographed a ghoul during their stay.

Perhaps inspired by that odd encounter, the Hunts decided to do some filming of their own at the plantation and were stunned by what they later saw when looking at the footage. In their video, what appears to be three sets of legs wearing long white socks can be seen walking in front of a doorway at the bottom of the main staircase of the home. As is often the case, the Hunts say that they did not notice anything unusual at the time that they were filming and cannot explain what may have caused the appearance of the disembodied limbs.

As is often the case, skeptical observers have suggested that the 'spirits' seen in the video are merely the result of a reflection or perhaps photographic error. That said, the Hunts assert that they did not tinker with the video and that the footage is genuine. What do you think the couple filmed at the haunted plantation? Share your theory at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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