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Watch: Trooper 'Pulls Over' Snow Car

By Tim Binnall

A state trooper in Nebraska could not believe his eyes when he pulled up behind what appeared to be a car covered in snow and discovered that it was actually a well-crafted wintry creation. Sgt. Mick Downing made the strange discovery on Saturday and the body camera footage of his encounter with the 'snow car' was subsequently posted to the Nebraska State Patrol Twitter account.

In the video, Downing pulls up behind the 'vehicle' and exits his patrol car to investigate the situation. As he gets closer to the 'snow car,' he notices that something is amiss and wonders aloud "what in the heck?" The trooper quickly realizes what he has just 'pulled over' and muses that "some people make snowmen, not the people in the northwest corner of the panhandle ... they make snow cars, snow Mustangs."

It would seem that Downing's admiration for the 'snow car' was shared by his department as, in their tweet about the odd encounter, they marvel "now this is artwork!" Indeed, a daylight photo subsequently shared by the Nebraska State Patrol shows the remarkable amount of detail that was put into the chilly creation.


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