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Watch: Truck Jackknifes, Narrowly Misses Bystanders

A news crew from a Texas television station was on hand Friday morning as an 18-wheel tractor-trailer slammed into the site of a previous accident.

A dense fog advisory was declared for highway 84 in Lubbock County and police were already clearing and investigating a crash involving a motorhome when the truck careened off the road and headed for officers and other bystanders. Visibility was 1/4 mile and less in some areas.

The semi swerved to avoid an SUV that abruptly changed lanes. The huge vehicle then plowed into a ditch next to the road, barely missing several people who ran for cover. Several cars hit the truck after it came to a rest on its side.

A Texas State Trooper was hit and the accident pinned another driver in a pickup truck. Both are expected to survive.


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