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Watch: TV Presenter Reveals Reptilian Eyes?

By Tim Binnall

A bizarre video circulating online seemingly shows a Ukrainian TV presenter briefly revealing that she has reptilian eyes. The odd moment occurred during an online program produced by what might best be described as a New Age movement known as AllatRa. Recorded back in July, the curious incident was first noticed by a Spanish language YouTube channel devoted to the paranormal a few months later and ultimately was picked up by English-speaking sites earlier this month.

In the already-strange program, which runs a jaw-dropping six hours, a man and two women discuss spirituality and, of all things, Atlantis. During the conversation, one of the female co-hosts gazes up at the ceiling and, for a split second, her eyes appear to become reptilian before she blinks and they return to normal. Lest one suspect that this was the work of paranormal pranksters using random foreign footage to fashion some kind of hoax, the puzzling moment can be seen in the original footage produced by the AllatRa group.

As one can imagine, the esoteric nature of the organization as well as the almost-futuristic attire of the presenters has led some viewers to compare the possible reptilian revelation to the infamous TV program V. More skeptical observers, however, have offered two divergent arguments for why the woman is not really a reptilian in disguise. Some have suggested that the eerie scene was added by AllatRa themselves to create a buzz about the group, while others say that the woman's eyes are simply reflecting light. What's your take on the weird clip? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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