Watch: UFO Appears Behind Newscast in Oregon?

Attentive viewers watching a morning newscast in Oregon were bewildered to see what appears to be two UFOs appearing behind the anchors.

The strange scene occurred last week on Portland's KOIN as morning anchor Ken Boddie segued to the weather and traffic report.

Suddenly, over his shoulder, a pair of lights seem to streak across the sky on the big screen that shows viewers a daybreak look at the city's skyline.

Since the giant video wall was behind them, no one noticed the weird moment and just kept chatting away, which is something of an apt metaphor for the mainstream media's perspective on UFOs.

Nonetheless, people watching the show at home did catch the strange lights and promptly began speculating about what they could have been.

Some of the theories offered include lens flare, a reflection of a car's lights, and, of course, aliens.

What's your theory for the origin of the odd lights? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Daily Star

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