Watch: UFO Appears Behind Reporter on Spanish Newscast

By Tim Binnall

In a puzzling scene from a Spanish newscast, a curious UFO can be seen zipping through the night sky behind a reporter stationed in Rome. The strange moment was spotted by an attentive viewer watching an evening broadcast on the TV station Telecinco this past Friday evening. As correspondent Dario Menor begins his report from Rome, an odd glowing object suddenly appears on screen behind him and flies across the sky.

Although the UFO appears to be blue in the video captured by witness, he explained that it actually looked white when the incident unfolded and only took on the azure hue due to the fact that he filmed his television with his phone. As for what the anomalous object could have been, theories include a drone, the reflection of a light on the ground, and, of course, some kind of alien craft. With that in mind, share your best guess for the nature of the newscast UFO at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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