Watch: UFO Cluster Filmed from Airliner?

By Tim Binnall

A South Korean man believes that he captured footage of a cluster of UFOs breaking apart in the sky, but not everyone is convinced that he witnessed something anomalous. The strange sighting reportedly occurred as Lucas Kim was flying home from a trip to Thailand and noticed something peculiar appear near the wing of the aircraft. Although he initially suspected that it was merely another plane, the curious traveler was left scratching his head when he looked closer and saw what he contends were "six individual vehicles."

Astounded by what he was seeing, Kim was quick-thinking enough to pull out his phone and film the weird scene. The video first shows the anomaly from a distance and it appears to be a bright light of some kind. However, when Kim zooms in on the oddity, it resembles several smaller balls of light clustered together before breaking apart and seemingly vanishing in the sky. "I truly think I encountered a UFO," he argues, noting that this does not necessarily mean that he spotted an alien spacecraft and speculated that "it might also be some crazy Russian spy plane."

While Kim is convinced that his experience constitutes some kind of mysterious encounter with the paranormal or perhaps clandestine, more skeptical observers have suggested a more prosaic explanation. Specifically, fastidious UFO video analyst Scott Brando noted that the 'anomalous object' lines up perfectly with a particularly bright reflection from the plane's winglet and that, upon closer inspection, a faint reflection that can be seen near the 'cluster' appears to confirm this hypothesis. Nonetheless, Kim is undeterred by what many will likely see as a clear resolution to the mystery as he mused "you can believe anything you want."


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