Watch: UFO Group Captures Amazing Video of Area 51

A group of self-described 'UFO seekers' ventured to the edge of Area 51 and captured some truly remarkable footage of the infamous facility.

The ambitious explorers created a fascinating video of their trek to Tikaboo Peak, which is the highest point near Area 51 accessible to the public.

Although 26 miles away from the base, the location's vantage point allows visitors a fairly clear glimpse of the base.

Ascending Tikaboo Peak, however, is rather difficult, as can be seen in the group's video which, if anything, should dissuade your average UFO buff from trying to make the trip.

Nonetheless, these particular adventurers accomplished the task and were rewarded with a breathtaking view of Area 51 that is unlike what most anyone has ever seen, unless they work there, of course.

Those hoping to spy a UFO sitting on the tarmac may be disappointed that there's no alien evidence to be found, but for Area 51 researchers, the footage is a fresh look at some of the base's enigmatic elements.

Among the insights revealed in the video are a massive antenna atop Tikaboo Peak, which is purportedly a weather station but is probably used for all manner things, and a new hangar that had previously been shown under construction in other Area 51 images.

For anyone who has ever dreamed of sneaking onto the notoriously secretive base, the UFO group's video may be the next best thing.

And, once the folks at Area 51 get wind of the footage, it just might end up being the last time anyone can pull off such a daring maneuver.

Source: The Drive

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