Watch: UFO 'Mothership' Filmed in North Carolina?

An intriguing piece of footage out of North Carolina has paranormal enthusiasts buzzing as some suspect that it could show a veritable UFO mothership.

Purportedly filmed in the town of Columbus just a few days ago, the video was subsequently submitted to MUFON and eventually found its way online where it has captured the imagination and attention of UFO researchers.

The admittedly-nondescript footage shows a set of lights hovering in the sky with two in the center being particularly bright and two pairs of lights fanning out on each side from the middle.

The configuration suggest some kind of triangular shape, although this is largely speculation since the video is so hard to discern.

Fortunately the unnamed witness behind the camera also made sure to film the moon a few times during the sighting to provide something to compare with the objects as far as their size and height.

The fact that the video is not particularly fantastic almost works in its favor when it comes to the veracity of the footage, since it would seem to rule out a hoax of some kind.

And, for his part, the man who saw the anomaly sounds genuinely mystified by what he is watching unfold in the sky above him.

As to what it may have been, aside from the always-popular alien hypothesis, some have speculated that it is a secret government test craft.

Aside from those two options, the prosaic explanation to be offered up by skeptics that would perhaps best fit this scene is that the lights are simply lanterns that were sent soaring up into the sky and spotted by the unwitting witness.

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Source: Charlotte Observer

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