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Watch: UFOs Filmed at Air Show?

A Washington man who attended an air show over the weekend was left scratching his head after spotting a pair of strange unidentified flying objects in his video from the festivities.

John Whichelow captured the puzzling footage during Sunday's Skyfest event at Washington's Fairchild AFB.

When he later watched the video of two Thunderbird jets, he was stunned to see that there was also an odd white object which streaked across the sky.

Whichelow noted that the jets were said to be flying at 500 miles per hour, which suggests that the speed of the UFO was tremendous.

Another piece of footage from Whichelow shows a second unknown object that appears to be black and hovering in the sky.

While skeptics may say that the anomalies are simply prosaic objects made to look remarkable due to a photographic error, Whichelow was not convinced of that explanation.

He told TV station KHQ that "people talk about meteors or birds or bugs that are close to the camera, I looked at it so closely and I don't think it's any of those."

Check out the intriguing footage and let us know what you think it might have been at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: KHQ

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