Watch: Viral Ghost Video Leads to Arrests in India

By Tim Binnall

A trio of men in India wound up in hot water with the law after they created a fake ghost video that went viral on social media in the country. The strange case reportedly began last week when an eerie piece of footage popped up in a number of online groups. In the video, which was said to have been filmed in the city of Jalgaon, what seems to be the spirit of a woman alongside a headless boy can be seen ambling along a dirt road that is illuminated by the headlights of a vehicle which contains some terrified passengers who are filming the frightening scene unfold before their eyes.

The undeniably unsettling video spread like wildfire on social media in India to the point that it apparently caught the attention of the authorities and they actually set about busting the ghosts. Specifically, cops arrested a trio of men who were found to have been behind the curious clip and, upon questioning, they admitted to digitally fabricating the footage with the express purpose of scaring people in Jalgaon and its neighboring communities. A police official shed additional light on the case when he revealed that they believed that one of the suspects "is into performing black magic activities and he may have done this to create superstitious beliefs among residents."

In response to that concern, authorities took the remarkable step of dispatching a police van to the towns where widespread fear over the ghosts had begun to erupt and announcing via a loudspeaker that the footage was fake and that the men behind the video had been arrested. As for those individuals, their brush with viral fame could come at a considerable cost as they were charged with inciting a panic and could face jail time or a sizeable fine.

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