Watch: Virgin Mary Statue in Fresno 'Weeps'

A statue of the Virgin Mary at a home in Fresno, California has been inexplicably 'crying' for the last year and a half after its owner's cousin was murdered!

Maria Cardenas received the statue ten years ago as a Mother's Day gift and did not notice anything strange about the figure until the tragic passing of her cousin.

Following that unfortunate event, the religious icon began producing a mysterious liquid out of its right eye which rolls down the statue's cheek like a tear.

According to Cardenas, the crying is not continuous and can sometimes cease for weeks or months and then suddenly start again.

Fresno TV station ABC30 visited the home to see the statue producing the tears and reported that they smell like roses and seemed oily.

Cardenas collects the mystifying liquid in a small glass placed near the statues chin and gives it to visitors who come to observe the puzzling phenomenon.

ABC30 also spoke with a man tasked with caring for the statue and he claimed that a number of priests have come to see the figure and are baffled by the unexplained tears.

"All they say is that it's a miracle," he told the station.

While they welcome visitors to come to the home to see the statue, Cardenas conceded that she is concerned for its safety and, therefore, is reticent to publicize its specific location.

Nonetheless, with the newfound publicity surrounding the figure, it's likely that the faithful as well as the curious will soon seek it out and come knocking at their door.

Source: ABC30 Fresno

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