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Watch: Washing Line in England Gets 'Possessed'

A woman in England was both mystified and terrified when her washing line suddenly began violently shaking for no apparent reason.

Using her cell phone, Lyndsey Mann filmed the bizarre scene in the backyard of her home shortly after the metallic tree-like device initially shook.

Creeping around the yard, Mann attempts to see what may have caused the strange shaking while someone off screen repeatedly tells her to be careful.

However, her investigation is short-lived as she quickly retreats when the line begins inexplicably rocking back and forth once again.

"Oh my God, that is weird," she exclaims and then laughs, "do I need to call Ghostbusters?"

To their credit, Mann and her friend watching the shaking line theorized that it could be from an animal or an earthquake, perhaps because the idea of a haunted washing line is simply unfathomable.

Unable to solve the mystery and growing increasingly uneasy, they ultimately opt to give up and leave the backyard to whatever is shaking the line.

"Alright, let's go in, because that's horrible," Mann accurately observes.

Check out the puzzling video and let us know what you think was causing the line to shake at the C2C Facebook Page.

Source: Mirror

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