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Watch: Waves of 'Walking' Octopuses Wash Ashore in Wales

Residents of beach community in Wales are baffled after dozens of octopuses were discovered having emerged from the ocean to walk along the shore.

At least twenty-five of the eight-legged sea creatures have been seen scuffling along the sands of New Quay beach over three consecutive nights, leaving one local dolphin tour guide scratching his head.

A seasoned seafarer, Brett Stones told the BBC that the strange scene "was a bit like an end of days scenario" and marveled that he's never seen any quite like the influx of octopuses in all his years in the area.

While he speculated that perhaps the creatures were confused by lights along the beach, a official with an aquarium in the UK revealed that the incident is actually one of three such events that have been reported in the last week.

As such, the prevalent theory for why the octopuses are beaching themselves is that recent storms disrupted tidal conditions or may have even somehow injured the animals.

Whether the waves of 'walking' octopuses continue to wash ashore in Wales remains to be seen, but restaurants in the area may want to refrain from offering calamari until the crawling creatures are out of the headlines.

Source: The Guardian


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