Watch: Weird Creature Appears on Lake Michigan Webcam

By Tim Binnall

A man watching a webcam feed of a storm battering Lake Michigan could not believe his eyes when a mysterious and rather sizeable creature popped up out of the water. The puzzling sighting reportedly occurred a couple of weeks ago when Tim Wenzel checked out a stream from a TV station camera focused on the pier leading out to a lighthouse on the lake. As 40 mph winds swept over the area and waves crashed upon the site, a dark anomaly appears amid the chaos and seems to be washed over the pier to the other side of the water.

The oddity caught Wenzel's attention and he managed to rewind the video and save the moment from the live stream to his computer. When he subsequently posted it to his Facebook page, he joked that the footage showed "the 'Lake Ness' monster being washed over the south pier during the gale." As with all 'great' creature videos, it is rather hard to discern what exactly Wenzel spotted thanks in large part to the storm providing less-than-ideal filming conditions.

Be that as it may, speculation as to what the anomaly could have been has largely centered around possible creatures which could be that size and also reside in Lake Michigan. As such, a sturgeon, an eel, and a bull shark have all been suggested as suspects for the mysterious aquatic oddity. However, other observers have posited that perhaps the 'creature' was actually some kind of debris unleashed during the storm or even a huge piece of seaweed. Check out the video and share your theory with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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