Watch: Weird UFOs Filmed from Airliner

By Tim Binnall

A puzzling piece of footage circulating online appears to show a pair of very weird-looking UFOs lingering in the sky next to an airliner. The perplexing video was reportedly captured by a passenger aboard a flight from Phoenix to Portland. Although the incident took place in March of 2019, the footage was only posted online in the last week by a person who had come into possession of the video via a friend's brother.

That dubious chain of custody aside, the video is rather remarkable in that it shows two curious dark objects hovering next to the airliner. The oddities appear to possess long tentacles and eventually merge into one still-quite-mysterious anomaly. It then slowly rotates as the flight continues until it resembles a dark streak in the sky before the video comes to an end.

Unlike many other UFO videos, this particular piece of footage has sparked speculation that the anomaly was not an alien craft, but perhaps some kind of undiscovered airborne creature. As one might imagine, skeptical observers online have scoffed at that fantastic idea and argue that the 'monster' is actually just contrails from the airliner. What's your take on the weird footage? Share your thoughts with us at the C2C Facebook page.


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