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Watch: Woman Gets Possessed at Religious Festival in Thailand?

A perplexing video from a religious festival in Thailand may show one of the attendees becoming possessed!

The weird incident occurred earlier this week at the Taoist event known as the 'Vegetarian Festival' in the city of Phuket.

Called the 'Nine Gods Festival' in other southeast Asian countries, the nine-day long gathering features a variety of religious rituals and purported possessions by different deities.

And one observer at this year's event believes that she may have captured just such an event on video.

While standing outside of a shrine with some other attendees, Suthicha Suthakon spotted an one-of-place Western woman swaying her head and seemingly unaware of her surroundings.

The scene stunned Suthakon since the woman's behavior resembled similar motions that she'd seen in the past when people are said to be possessed during the festival.

Posting the video to her Facebook page, Suthakon explained that the incident was particularly amazing to her because "it is really rare to see a foreigner be chosen by the gods."

According to Suthicha, she asked a medium, who was also in attendance, what he made of the woman's movements and he claimed that she was, indeed, possessed by one of the Goddesses which the event celebrates.

Unfortunately, no one knows the identity of the woman nor how she wound up at the festival, so any insight from her into the experience appears to have been lost when she presumably 'woke up' and left the festivities.

Source: The Phuket News

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