Watch: Yeti Filmed by Russian Dashcam?

An enigmatic piece of footage from a dashcam in Russia appears to show a mysterious white creature dashing across the road, leading some to suspect it could be the elusive Yeti.

The video came from a car traveling along a snow-covered road in the Russian republic of Bashkortostan.

According to the driver and his passenger, they were stunned to see a white 'figure' run in front of them and then quickly disappear into the darkness.

Although they concede it could have been some kind of prank, they were skeptical of that explanation, since it would have taken a pretty dedicated hoaxer to commit to such a stunt.

As one might expect, this particular region of Russia boasts tales of a mysterious creature similar to the legendary Bigfoot, but with its own unique characteristics.

Known as the 'Shurale,' the entity is said to be covered in white fur and sports long fingers and a horn on its head.

Whether the mysterious anomaly captured by the dashcam was a Shurale, a Yeti or one of their kinfolk in the cryptid community, we will likely never know.

That said, the video is in keeping with other 'Bigfoot' videos in that it is incredibly hard to decipher, furthering the case that the creature is apparently really hard to film, even if it's by accident.

Source: Daily Star

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