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Watch: 'Yowie' Hidden in Australian Promotional Videos

By Tim Binnall

Promotional videos from a community in Australia feature a pretty clever Easter Egg in the form of a 'Yowie' lurking on the periphery. The pair of amusing pieces intended to update residents on repair projects throughout the area reportedly come courtesy of the Narrabri Shire Council. Perhaps hoping to garner more eyeballs on the fairly mundane footage of construction workers and bridges or simply in service of a good prank, officials decided to pay homage to rumors that the region is rife with the Australian version of Bigfoot by having the creature make an appearance.

Ironically, it would seem that their 'Yowie' was as good at hiding at its reputation suggests, since the first video starring the cryptid was posted to YouTube six months ago and only a few people caught the 'creature' making a brief appearance dashing through a forest in the background. A subsequent piece (seen above) was a bit more blatant in its use of the 'beast,' but even that video was posted back in February and did not garner much attention.

Eventually, a local media outlet caught on to the hidden Yowies this week and contacted the council for comment. To her credit, the community's tourism manager Penny Jobling kept the joke going. "Recently the council has been capturing the progress of large projects in video format," she said, "we have only been made aware recently of the Yowie being captured in our footage." While it remains to be seen whether the famed cryptid will be making future appearances in videos from the council, the fact that people will be watching to see means that it likely accomplished its goal.

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