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Watch: Security Camera Spots Stool Being Moved by a Ghost?

By Tim Binnall

The security system at a purportedly haunted pub in England captured some rather eerie footage of a bar stool seemingly moving on its own. The site in question, The Miners Arms, is located in the town of Alfreton and has long boasted a reputation among patrons for paranormal activity. While owner Lewis Ward is skeptical of these tales, even he was taken aback after seeing the strange CCTV footage.

Allegedly filmed in the wee hours of the morning when the pub was closed, the video shows an empty bar stool initially move a slight distance across the floor before stopping and then inexplicably sliding again. The footage was said to have been captured by the camera because the security system is motion-activated. While Ward conceded that he's not sure what to think about the incident, he revealed that "customers seem to think it's an ex-landlady."

Skeptics will likely have an altogether different opinion as the scene could have easily been created by someone with some fishing line and the desire to create a cool 'ghost video.' And although we'd like to give Ward the benefit of the doubt and hope that the footage is not a hoax, one can't help but note that this is the time of year when spooky stories seem to get an inordinate amount of play from the media and provide the perfect opportunity for industrious individuals to do some guerilla marketing for their business. What's your take on the security camera footage? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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