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Watch: TV News Crew Films Ghost at Haunted Michigan Brewery?

The launch of a paranormal-themed beer by a brewery in Michigan may have gotten some promotional help from the spirit realm during a recent TV news segment.

The brainchild of a group known as Detroit Paranormal Expeditions, the forthcoming concoction was created by Atwater Brewery and has been dubbed 'Hello from the Other Side.'

In anticipation of the beer's official unveiling this coming Friday the 13th, of course, the ghost hunters conducted an investigation of the brewery, since employees have purportedly had eerie experiences in the building which is actually a repurposed church from the 1930's.

TV station WDIV filmed the proceedings and, in the process, seem to have captured something rather anomalous as, in one brief snippet of footage, an odd white shape can be seen flying through the air before quickly vanishing.

Asked by the anchors what he thought the weird object may have been, Jeff Adkins of Detroit Paranormal Expeditions told them that the group had submitted the footage to "several psychics that we know, respect and have worked with and all of them have said positive things about it."

According to him, several of the psychics sensed "something angelic" about the anomaly and another mused that it is protecting the building.

To his credit, Adkins says that he subsequently studied footage from another camera used by the group during the investigation that should have also captured the spirit, yet he did not see any sign of the potential apparition.

What's your theory on the strange flying oddity captured by the TV crew? Is it a genuine ghost or just the perfect combination of light, shadow, and marketing? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: WDIV Detroit

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