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We're Listening!

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Thank you to everyone who has offered feedback on the new site. We're listening, and we appreciate it.

The feedback has been invaluable. We know we can't please everyone, but we're trying! We've made a number of recent changes based on what we heard. Here's a list of the changes:

- Colors. Some of you had a hard time reading text against the aurora borealis background. And, some of you really didn’t like the green that we used in our section headers. Duly noted! We darkened the aurora and used a more sophisticated green.

- Classic Shows. For Streamlink members who wanted faster access to Classic Shows, we added them to the homepage and added a "Classic Shows" option to the pull-down menu on the Shows page [where you'll see an extended collection]. It should be much easier to access them now.

- Pull-Down Menus. Beyond Classic Shows, we generally upgraded the pull-down menus, site wide. It's now easy to find Shows by Year or by Host or by Category. With a click, you can jump straight to "Somewhere in Time" shows as well!

- Last 90 Days. Apparently, Last 30 Days (in the pull-down menus) led many of you to believe that we reduced Streamlink access from 90-day archives to 30-day archives. Not so! We're actually looking to provide our subscribers with deeper access to the archives, which we'll do over the next 6 months. Nonetheless, we upgraded all the menus to make it easy to get the Last 90 Days worth of information.

- Facebook. We created an official Coast to Coast page on Facebook. If you're on Facebook, add us!

- Twitter. We're now tweeting! We plan to use Twitter in a number of ways: live updates during the show, notifications of new site content, comments from show personnel and more. You can follow us through your favorite Twitter client, or just go to the Coast homepage.

- Email to a Friend. We also added a feature to make it easy to send your favorite Coast content to your friends. Click on the envelope icon on any Show, Guest or Article page to get the word out! [This feature should be activated by Friday.]

- Photos. Many of you asked for bigger photos. We increased the size of the Photos in the Featured section. We're going to increase the size of the photos in the gallery as well, but we're working through a bug. Please look for that upgrade in the coming weeks.

-FAQs. For your convenience, a link to frequently asked questions and their answers is now posted on the footer at the bottom of the page.

Beyond these changes, we also heard many of you express a desire to get information about Upcoming Shows more easily. We increased the font size of Upcoming Shows (under Tonight's Show) on the homepage, but we're looking at a couple of options to present that information directly on the homepage.

If you have other feedback, please keep it coming! Email us at feedback@coasttocoastam.com.

I personally read each and every email you send. We can't do everything, but rest assured, we're committed to continuously improving the Coast to Coast experience. Thanks again, we truly appreciate your participation!

Brian Lakamp

Executive Vice President, Digital Media


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