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Weird Cheese Mystery Grips Town

Weird Cheese Mystery Grips Town

A bizarre mystery has gripped a town in Australia as residents keep finding blocks of cheese inexplicably left in their yard. The weirdness actually began back in May when an individual walking their dog in the Melbourne suburb of Elwood discovered that the animal was munching on a piece of cheese that it had found on their front porch. Remembering that they had previously seen similar pieces of cheese in the area, the concerned pet owner took to Facebook to ask other members of the community if they knew anything about their origin or nature.

The incident soon flourished into a full-fledged mystery as, in the subsequent weeks, more and more residents came forward with tales of finding the strange chunks of cheese placed in bushes and next to sidewalks. Although it is difficult to ascertain exactly how many of the pieces have been discovered so far, it is believed to number in the dozens. Pet owners are particularly worried about the weird cheese pieces because, in some instances, their dogs have eaten them and shown adverse effects from the mysterious 'snacks.'

Considering that the cheese seems to have been carefully cut, it is suspected that a human is probably behind the strangeness and, possibly, has ill intentions. Specifically, residents fear that the cheese may be poisoned. Others have posited that perhaps the cheese is coming from a misguided member of the community attempting to feed the wildlife in the area, although the sheer number of chunks has spawned skepticism about that theory. According to a local media report, authorities have just now been made aware of the mystery and are currently testing some of the cheese to determine if it is dangerous.

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