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Weird Weather Balloon Over Quebec Mistaken for UFO

By Tim Binnall

A motorist in Canada captured footage of a strange object hovering in the sky that some suspected may have been a UFO, but it seems that the oddity had a terrestrial origin. The puzzling video was reportedly submitted to MUFON a few days ago and subsequently wound up on various YouTube channels devoted to videos of anomalous aerial phenomena. The specific site of the sighting is said to have been in the town of Pointe-du-Migan in Quebec along the major highway known as Route 138.

In the video, a rather sizeable-looking dark form can be seen standing out among the clouds in the sky as the driver attempts to film it while speeding down the road. The shape of the mysterious object is particularly baffling as it looks rounded at the top and somewhat frayed at the bottom. After filming the oddity for a little less than a minute, the motorist had apparently seen enough as he departed the scene and subsequently sent the footage to the UFO research organization.

After causing something of a stir online in UFO circles for a few days, it appears that the object's mysterious nature may have been solved. Upon watching the footage, fastidious UFO researcher Scott Brando quickly recognized the object as "a scientific balloon for environmental surveys." And, to his credit, he backed up that assessment by sharing an Italian case from May of 2017 in which a striking similar 'UFO' was eventually revealed to be just such a device.


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