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Weird Wig War Engulfs NY Family

Weird Wig War Engulfs NY Family

A Staten Island man purportedly stricken with a profound fear of the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character says that his father-in-law has been using that phobia to torture him by way of his toupee!

In a story that sounds too strange to be true, but apparently is quite real, the incredibly bizarre clash culminated last month when Mazen Dayem was attending a family funeral.

Suddenly, his father-in-law, Yunes Doleh, arrived on the scene and began waving his hair piece at Dayem in a menacing fashion.

"Him and his hair reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil hair. I truly and genuinely have a large fear of wigs now," Dayem lamented to the New York Post about the incident.

Since he had previously gotten a restraining order issued against his father-in-law because of their acrimonious relationship surrounding the toupee, Dayem had Doleh arrested and his father-in-law now faces criminal mischief charges.

Asked about the odd dispute, Dayem's attorney mused that his client is "very scared of this guy who looks like he has a rabid badger on his head. It troubles him greatly."

We're guessing that this is one family that won't be getting together for the holidays and, if by some miracle they manage to do so, let's hope that Doleh leaves his toupee at home.

Source: NY Post

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