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Welsh Musician Photographs Swarm of Fairies?

A member of a Welsh rap group believes that he inadvertently photographed a swarm of fairies while going for a walk in a field with his dog.

John Rutledge says that he noticed the anomalies when later looking at the pictures and became convinced that he had captured the legendary elemental entities on film.

The seven somewhat-translucent flying 'objects' are about one-and-a-half inches long and appear to possess arms, legs, and wings.

Amazed by the image, Rutledge has expressed certainty that the photograph constitutes definitive proof that fairies exist.

Skeptical observers, however, disagree with his conclusion and suggest that the 'fairies' are actually just insects that look 'magical' due to the lighting and angle of the photograph.

It also should be noted that the Rutledge purportedly took the image while looking for places to record his podcast series about myths and mysteries.

Such a coincidence is almost certain to raise suspicions that the photograph is merely a clever way of promoting his podcast.

Whether the image is a legitimate glimpse of the iconic creatures or an elaborate ruse is open to debate, but it's safe the say that the enigmatic photograph serves to spark the imagination of anyone who has ever wondered if fairies might be real.

Coast Insiders can learn more about the rich history of fairy lore by checking out previous editions of the program featuring author Dr. Bob Curran as well as history professor Simon Young.

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Source: Express

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