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White House Dismisses Area 51 Inquiry

White House Dismisses Area 51 Inquiry

With Hillary Clinton's advocacy for releasing information on Area 51 continuing to make news, the issue was finally broached at the White House, leading to a response which will dismay UFO enthusiasts.

During a briefing with reporters, White House press secretary Josh Earnest was asked about the infamous military base that has seen renewed attention thanks to Clinton's campaign.

Queried by a journalist as to whether President Obama might reveal insights into Area 51 before a successor could reach office, Earnest had a particularly deflating answer.

The press secretary first made light of the issue by joking that he did not have access to information about the site perhaps as "part of a grand conspiracy."

Earnest went on to say that he was "not aware of any plans the president has to make public any information" concerning Area 51.

He also professed ignorance as to whether Obama had looked into the topic of aliens during his presidency.

The exchange serves as a stark reminder that, despite Clinton's open-minded approach to the issue, Area 51 remains a frivolous topic to the White House at least as far as the public is concerned.

That said, perhaps the president believes he has already done his part by having the government finally acknowledge the base's existence back in 2013 and he's leaving the rest up to the next occupant of the Oval Office.

Source: The Hill

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