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Witch Doctor Finds 'Mystery Creature' Under Bridge in Kenya

Witch Doctor Finds 'Mystery Creature' Under Bridge in Kenya

In a bizarre story out of Kenya, a self-described medicine man purportedly thwarted a mysterious creature said to be the cause of numerous car accidents on an infamous bridge.

The weird scene occurred on Wednesday in the Kenyan settlement of Kamukuywa, which was rocked last month after nearly twenty people died in a crash that took place on a bridge there.

The Kamukuywa Bridge's already-notorious reputation for motor vehicle mishaps was solidified by the tragic event, with many residents saying that it was stricken with a 'black spot.'

As such, an unnamed witch doctor stepped forward yesterday to investigate the cause of the crashes and seemingly returned with something truly fantastic.

In something that sounds like it came from a classic fairy tale, the medicine man allegedly ventured under the bridge and returned with a bizarre creature.

The witch doctor declared that this mysterious beast was behind the crashes and that there were also holes at the bridge which contained the remains of sheep and cows as well.

A media report from Kenya covering the strange 'spiritual intervention' is unclear as to whether or not the recovered 'creature' was one of those animals or something altogether more exotic.

The latter possibility appears to be the case, since the medicine man eventually ventured to a nearby market to display the creature to the amazement of a crowd said to be in the hundreds.

Unfortunately, images from the scene (seen above) only add to the mystery as the oddity being hoisted in the air is rather enigmatic, leaving its nature open to considerable speculation.

To that end, skeptics will no doubt declare that the entire affair was simply an elaborate show produced by the witch doctor rather than the eradication of something evil lurking on the bridge.

Check out the images to see if you can discern what the medicine man allegedly pulled from the bridge and let us know your theory for what happened yesterday in Kenya at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Tuko.co.ke

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