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Witch Doctor in Uganda Uses Snake to Track Down Suspected Thief

Witch Doctor in Uganda Uses Snake to Track Down Suspected Thief

A self-proclaimed shaman in Uganda is being credited with solving a robbery, although the true gumshoe may actually have been a snake.

The case in question centered around a barber named Bonifance Ayesiga, who reportedly had a shaving machine, a solar panel, and a battery stolen from him by a pair of miscreants back in September.

After the incident lingered unsolved on the desks of detectives for months, the frustrated barber had finally had enough and turned to a witch doctor for help.

Although such figures are more often than not found at the center of curious capers rather than a help, in this instance, the witch doctor seems to have been on the right side of the law or, at least, his snake was.

That's because the police station in Haima was visited this past Friday by a terrified man carrying the pilfered solar panel and sporting a serpent wrapped around his neck.

The distraught man was arrested by authorities for the robbery at which point the witch doctor arrived and removed the snake, declaring the case closed.

It was later revealed that, though some kind of unexplained magic, the sorcerer was able to locate the thief by sending the snake out to find him.

Amazed residents who saw the scene unfold and heard the fantastic tale subsequently swarmed the witch doctor with requests for help in solving their own predicaments as well.

So, should the crime-fighting pair decide to team up again, there just might be a sequel for the sorcerer and the snake sometime in the future.

Source: Tuko.co.ke

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