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Woman Gives Birth In Toilet Paper Aisle

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An unidentified woman may have been disappointed with her foray into the local Walmart in search of ever-elusive toilet paper, but left with something much more valuable that had other shoppers cheering last Wednesday.

The woman was in the toilet paper aisle when she felt her water break. She told employees that her last child had been born within 30 minutes. Store personnel quickly set up a private area with a sheet held up by the store’s manager, Jessica Hinkle.

A delivery nurse just happened to be passing by, who “had gloves in her pocket” and immediately began to assist, according to Hinkle. Firefighters arrived soon to offer more help and the child was delivered 45 minutes later.

The woman was taken on a gurney to a waiting ambulance, waving at well-wishers who gathered as she left. Hinkle called the event “a feel-good moment” where “everybody’s going through so much and with a baby it’s like everything comes full circle.”


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