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Woman in England Thwarts Sinister Spirit That Had Tormented Her

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By Tim Binnall

In an odd update to an already strange story, a woman in England who claimed that a vengeful ghost had driven her to move into a motel now says that the sinister spirit has been sent to the 'other side.' Self-proclaimed psychic medium Emily Sparks made headlines back in February when she lamented that her apartment was haunted by a previous tenant who had passed away years ago. Seemingly stuck in the residence, the ghost was purportedly unhappy about the predicament and allegedly lashed out at the beleaguered senior citizen living in the spirit's former home by way of verbal and physical abuse.

Sparks finally grew so fed up with being mistreated by the ghost that she packed her bags and moved into a nearby motel in order to send a message to the spirit that enough was enough. However, the apparition had apparently grown attached to the woman, which led her to take her story to the local media in the hopes of finding some help with her maddening situation. In an enlightening follow-up to the piece published this week, she revealed that her doctor "suggested I may have mental health issues" and the housing company which oversaw her apartment complex echoed these concerns by calling on local officials to have her assessed.

For her part, Sparks fired back at their skeptical responses to her plight, noting that "I am one of the small percentage of the senior population on no medication and never have been and I have amazingly good health." With official channels of no help, the woman finally made contact with a 'spiritual healer' who promised that he could easily put an end to her ordeal. Much to Sparks' amazement, she received a call from the man the next day and he told her "it's over for you now, she is now where she should be."

How, specifically, the spiritual healer managed to stop the ghost from harassing Sparks is uncertain. That said, she explained that "a group of 'enlightened minds' came together and were able to collectively connect to the spirit’s mind and this method they used was successful in taking her back to the other side of life." Considering the twists and turns that Sparks' story has taken so far, we sincerely hope that this is the end of her struggles, but we also wouldn't be surprised to hear, at some point in the future, that her ghostly nemesis is back.


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