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Woman Loses Fight with Snowman

A bizarre piece of footage from Turkey captures a disgruntled woman taking her frustrations out on an innocent snowman that ultimately gets the last laugh.

The strange scene begins with the woman brazenly walking up to the snowman, kicking it in its 'midsection.'

When the frosty formation does not topple from the attack, the undeterred woman begins circling around it, sizing it up for a subsequent assault.

She eventually squeezes behind the snowman and pushes the entire thing over onto the sidewalk.

However, her victory turns out to be short-lived when she climbs atop the snowman to deliver one final, fatal blow.

In an incredible display of karmic justice, the woman loses her footing and takes a brutal fall onto the sidewalk.

Suffering a badly bruised ego, at the very least, the woman gets off the ground and gingerly limps away from the scene.

We're guessing that what she decided to pick a fight with the snowman that she didn't expect to come out on the losing end of the battle, but it's pretty safe to say that's exactly what happened.

Source: Daily Mail


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