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Woman Rides Through X-Ray Machine at Chinese Train Station!

Security personnel at a packed train station in China were astounded when a traveler insisted on riding through an x-ray machine because she wanted to protect her handbag from being stolen.

The bizarre incident took place over the weekend in the Chinese city of Dongguan during a time of heightened travel due to the Lunar New Year.

Worried that her purse may be pilfered if she left it unattended going through the x-ray machine, the woman first tried to pass through security while holding the handbag.

However, after the unnamed traveler was told that it had to be scanned, she took drastic measures to ensure that it was not stolen by climbing onto the conveyer belt and going through the x-ray machine with the bag!

The wild ride resulted in a pair of truly haunting images that show the woman on her hands and knees passing through the scanner and, in some spots, her actual bones can be seen inside her body.

Amazingly, upon emerging from the machine, the protective passenger was allowed to proceed to her train and did not get into any trouble for the impromptu x-ray.

Source: Metro UK


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