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World's Largest Pearl Discovered in Philippines

An incredible, 75-pound pearl has been found in the Philippines and, remarkably, its origin story may be even more amazing than the discovery itself.

The giant gem was actually discovered by a fisherman back in 2006, but the man was so enamored with the object that he simply kept it under his bed as a good luck charm!

After a decade of unknowingly sleeping atop a landmark discovery, the fisherman was forced to vacate his home and took the treasure with him.

Soon after, he showed it to a relative working for the tourism bureau and it was then that the enormity of his discovery came to light.

It turns out that the fisherman's find smashes the previous record for world's largest pearl by a whopping sixty pounds and has been valued at a jaw-dropping $100 million dollars!

Local officials have placed the pearl in a glass case at the Puerto Princesca city hall for tourists to admire while they wait for experts to examine it.

Perhaps the most illuminating aspect of the story is that such an incredibly valuable and theoretically breathtaking object such as the world's largest pearl would actually look pretty gruesome.

Source: Daily Mail


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